A Great Kid Just Needs A Better Mom

Last October, I received Attar’s quarterly report from his daycare. The result was beyond my expectation. He was one of the best achievers among other kids in his age. Based on his teacher’s observation, Attar is a responsible, communicative, fast-learning, and enthusiastic little creature. Much more to compare to other 2 y.o. kids in his class.

I was amazed. I knew my son is great, but didn’t think he is THAT great.

It made me realized that Attar is indeed the best give that God has generously given to me. He was born as a wonderful individual. Heaven has dropped a genius in my life just like that. He possesses a great personality while I think I didn’t do much effort to create such a person. That brilliance is right there, in his blood.

It did make me feel awful, though.

I thought I am the one who will teach him anything. But I am not. He is. At least, from him I have learned:

  1. Patience and anger management.
  2. Discipline, time management, and creating routines.
  3. To be more adaptable.
  4. To have a little more humor and enjoy life.
  5. To maintain curiosity and enthusiasm.
  6. 6. To apologize and to forgive.

Attar is growing up. So am I, thanks to him. In fact, he grows up beautifully with his cranky, bossy, and moody Mommy. Imagine what he will be if this Mommy becomes a better person.

I am not a perfect mother, but I do hope I can make it close.


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