Attar and Father’s Day

Earlier this month, Australian celebrated Father’s Day. Coming from a culture that don’t have such celebration, I wasn’t aware until I received notifications about Father’s Day Sale on my emails and shopping apps a week before, ahahah. What is good about Father’s Day, just like the other celebrations, is we can use that day to gather as a family and reconnect. We spend the day together, do favourite things we love doing with our dad: talk, walk, eat, play, and love our dad for some more.


Attar’s tribute to Ayah 🙂

Attar’s preschool celebrated it, too. The educators printed this colouring sheet with kind of form to fill in with everything about daddy. So the kids were asked to colour it, assisted by one educator who gave them questions about daddy and then the educator wrote down the answer on the sheet. I was so surprised given the fact almost all the things about Attar’s dad were correct. It made me realised that Attar can really communicate in English now, as he can understand what his educator say and the educator can comprehend his answers. It’s such a leap since I never deliberately teach him to speak in English and mainly use Indonesian language when we talk.

The other thing that amazed me from the sheet is that children are really good observers. Like, really really really good. Attar has always been watching and grasping understanding on what surrounds him, he observes what daddy really likes to eat and to do, he inspects daddy’s emotion when doing such things. It’s creepy sometimes, like you always got a pair of eyes on you, observing what you are doing every single time. Kinda spy-like behaviour, haha. But yeah, so when people say “children are fast-learner and the best observer”, that’s true-true.

The educators also invited the parents to gather in one evening and celebrated the day, too. They encouraged daddies and mommies to come and have some time to play with whatever toys and activities available at kinder. And of course, that was the moment when mommies could chit-chat and exchanged experience about motherhood. Well, you know mommies lllooooveeee doing this. It was like sharing your burden to those who voluntarily open their hands to accept it, and that was relieving.

Anyway, although in my sense Australians really love to celebrate everything :p, I think Indonesians should have this kind of dad’s day celebration in some stage. It’ll open more opportunities for us to get more seasonal sale from the retails, ahahahaha. No, I mean, we need to express our appreciation to daddies, husbands, grandpas. Those men who always have your back. I would say that there’ll always be a point of love-hate-love-hate moment in my relationship with them, but I will loudly admit that my dad and my husband are two best men I’ve ever had in my life. They are not that kind of person who will cuddle you up when you are sad. While mommies will do everything necessary to cheer you up, daddies are very unlikely doing that. He will snap you and command you to be strong and hold your chin up high. But without you knowing, he’s got a shovel ready in his hand to bury the jerk who’ve let you down. Yep, you really don’t wanna mess with daddies.

All in all, this post is a tribute for Ayah Iwan Awaluddin Yusuf. Happy very belated father’s day! We love you and miss you like craaaazzzyyy!!! :-* :-*


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